Every day in June, American Dairy Association North East offered a glimpse into the life of a dairy farmer. Each of the 30 represents how dairy farmers have taken on the responsibility of delivering a nutritious and delicious product that’s made with care for the planet.

Here’s a recap of our 30 farmers in 30 days (#30farmers30days), which focused on either hunger relief in the local community or sustainability practices on the farm.

Hunger Relief

Farmers take pride in fulfilling the nutritional needs of families. As the needs of the public changed through the Covid-19 pandemic, the dairy industry found creative ways to get food to the people who needed it most – such as teaming up with partners for milk distribution events, held throughout the American Dairy Association North East region. Since April 2020, more than 970,000 gallons of milk have been distributed with help from these dairy farmers and other volunteers.


Today, the carbon footprint of one gallon of milk is 19% less than it was a decade ago. In June, we highlighted different farms and the conservation practices used to sustainably produce milk while protecting the environment, such as – turning food waste into renewable energy, recycling water and protecting waterways with vegetation (riparian buffer), and no-tilling and using cover cropping to help create and keep the soil healthy.