Love, like the most exquisite cheese or a perfectly crafted latte, has the power to leave an indelible mark on our lives. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re reminded that love comes in all forms and can bloom in the most unexpected places. Let’s explore heartwarming tales of love and connection, inspired by dairy.

Love Blooms at the Maryland State Fair

The Maryland State Fair is not just a carnival of fun and excitement; it’s also a place where love blossomed for Lauren and Austin Schwartzbeck. The dairy farmers first exchanged glances while competing in cow shows. For the couple from Peace & Plenty Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland, dairy cattle showmanship is one way to share how hard dairy farmers work to care for their animals. Now they return to the fair each year to share their dairy traditions with their children.

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From Kindergarten to Cowbells: Just a Matter of Time

Dairy farmers Val and Greg Lavigne, of Unc Broc Farm in Schaghticoke, New York, have known each other since kindergarten. But they only became friends five years after having graduated high school. Cupid took aim while Greg was working on Val’s family’s farm and while she was visiting home from college. The pair exchanged wedding vows at a ceremony on the farm, where they still farm with Val’s parents, plus three children of their own, caring for the farm’s 200 milking cows.

Farm Proposal

Pennsylvania dairy farmers Marie and Mark Canon first met in a cow barn at a county fair. She hoped Mark would ask her out. The following week, he did. They started dating. One evening a year later, Mark asked Marie if she could come over and help him milk cows. After the chores were done and they had dinner, Mark took Marie out to the porch swing. He read Marie a poem he wrote about their year together. The last line of the poem was Mark asking Marie to marry him. Now, more than 30 years later, the couple still can be found working together on Canon Dairy Farm in West Middlesex.

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Forever Love

Meghan Van Dorp of Van Dorp Farms in Marion, New York, has a special place in her heart for Brown Swiss cows, particularly one named Winnie. Meghan dreamed of having a Brown Swiss ever since she spotted a cow with a coloring above the eye that, to the then six-year-old girl, looked like eyeshadow. Meghan eventually got her dream, an eye-shadowed cow she named Winnie. They shared a special bond. To Meghan, Winnie was not your average cow. She was Meghan’s best friend and confidant. Meghan says no animal has probably ever received tighter hugs or had more tears dribbled down teenage cheeks into her fur than Winnie.

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Bond Over Dairy Leads to Love

Cupid’s arrow solidified its mark over dairy farmers Courtney and Duncan Bailey. The couple has select show cows and work for a breeding company. But back when they were dating, Duncan was working on the dairy farm where he grew up, in Fillmore, New York. A new calf had arrived. Her name needed to start with the letter ‘D’.  While Duncan was doing chores at the barn, he asked Courtney to suggest names. She listed off 50. Duncan said no to each. He then proposed a name of his own: Diamond. Courtney says she vetoed his suggestion, saying the name was stupid. Duncan asked about that name again, only this time getting down on one knee and proposing with the real ring.

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This Valentine’s Day, infuse your celebrations with a touch of dairy-inspired romance. Incorporate dairy-themed recipes into your dinner plans, and let these heartwarming stories inspire you to create your own unique love story, filled with joy, laughter, and a hint of dairy magic.