New Got Milk Campaign Launches

Consumers across the country are once again being asked a very important question.

Got milk?

Yes, the “got milk?” campaign is back, but not in the same way!

On August 3, the dairy industry, led by MilkPEP, relaunched the iconic advertising campaign. But it’s not a return to the past. Instead, the famous tagline is featured in a fun, new and catchy campaign–for a new audience.

This campaign is targeted toward a new generation with content that is optimistic and filled with energy, designed to connect with families and kids and is driven by real people and behaviors.

The refreshed “got milk?” campaign has been adapted to reflect how families — and, more specifically, kids — consume media. Social media influencers are highlighted instead of celebrities to drive awareness of the campaign.

Reaction to the New “got milk?” Campaign

Consumer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive since last week’s launch. Consumers — many in the high school and college-age demographic — are not only seeing the campaign, they are actively participating in it.

To kick off the challenge, 6-time Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky posted a video of herself swimming a lap in a pool with a glass of milk on her head without spilling it. The incredible video went viral and now consumers are showing off their “something amazing” while not spilling their milk. Ledecky’s video also went viral in the media, with already 1,600 media placements (and counting!), including mentions on ESPN, Yahoo!, USA TODAY and many other national and local media outlets.

In the first week, all the videos with #gotmilkchallenge have been viewed more than 2.3 billion (yes, billion) times!

On social media platforms, including ADA North East’s, consumers are encouraged to follow Ladecky’s lead by recording a short video pouring a glass of milk and then “doing something amazing” without spilling the milk. Consumers are then encouraged to post the video to social media at #gotmilkchallenge.

Localizing the Campaign

The ADA North East marketing team is working closely with MilkPEP to amplify the new “got milk?” campaign. We’re turning to our own influencers and other consumers to continue the incredible momentum of this invigorating social media campaign at #gotmilkchallenge.

Join the local #GotMilkChallenge Contest

Our team launched a contest for consumers in the northeast to post their #gotmilkchallenge video to social media where users add a second hashtag – #milkmovesme. Each post will be entered for a chance to win fun prizes. American Dairy Association North East activated dairy princesses to help promote the contest.