On Jim Trotter’s ninth birthday, April 7, 1942, his family moved 35 miles to their new farm in Enon Valley, Lawrence County, where’s he’s been ever since. The fifth generation — Jim’s great-grandson — is now living on the farm.

couple on a tractor

Trotacre Farm is synonymous with the Guernsey breed of cows — starting with Jim’s first 4-H project. He and his family have been leaders in state and national Guernsey Association activities for decades, most recently at the 2019 World Guernsey Conference. And while Jim’s retired from the day-to-day chores, the 86-year-old still keeps his finger on the pulse of all things happening while cruising the farm on his golf cart. He especially enjoys the springtime when green leaves start to pop out on the trees and the weather gets warmer.

family photo

Jim’s first choice of jobs on the farm was always inside the barn, saying, “I’d rather milk cows than go to the field!” They’re currently milking 170 Holsteins and Guernseys, and the Trotters are working together with other Guernsey breeders to develop a cooperative that will focus on A2 milk.

“I’d rather milk cows than go to the field!” ~ Jim Trotter

Jim treasures having been able to work with his family on the farm. He’s told them time and again that, “we might be able to make more money working somewhere else, but you have to do what you love.”