Every gallon has a story. From farmers with deeds that date back before the birth of our country, to new farmers who decided to switch careers and follow their passion, your local dairy farmers are working towards the same goal of providing a nutritious product to their local community and being good stewards of the land.

Join us as we profile a handful of these farmers and get a behind-the-scenes look at where they came from, where they are now, and how they see their legacy.

Season 1 Featured farmers include:

Marie Canon

The Murrays

Yvette Longenecker

Amos Coon

Creek Family

View the full episodes below:

Episode 1 | Marie Canon

Episode 2 | Marie Canon

Episode 3 | The Murrays

Episode 4 | The Murrays

Episode 5 | Yvette Longenecker

Episode 6 | Yvette Longenecker

Episode 7 | Amos Coon

Episode 8 | Amos Coon

Episode 9 | Creek Family