What better way to celebrate National Agriculture Week 2022 than with a visit to a dairy farm. Emily Lampa, host of WKBW’s (ABC) morning show AM Buffalo, visited Phillips Family Farm in North Collins, New York. She spent time with farm owners, Dave and Anne Phillips, to show the story of milk’s journey, from farm to table, for the station’s recurring segment “Working It.”

As part of our overall strategy, ADA North East develops opportunities to broadly share dairy farmers’ stories with consumers. Early results showed the series generated 35,941 television impressions, with a potential online reach of 2.6 million.

3/21; Inside the “Moo-ternity” Ward and Nursery Barn

High quality milk comes from well cared for cows. Since calves grow up to be the cows that produce milk, it is no surprise that Lampa set out to see the maternity ward where calves are born. She also spent time in the nursery barn where dairy farmers make sure calves get off to a healthy start.

3/22; National Ag Day! Time to Feed The Cows

One of the big jobs on a dairy farm is feeding the cows. In this episode, Farmer Dave mixes up a recipe, created by an animal nutritionist, to provide his cows with a nutritious diet. The cows get to munch on food throughout the day as they please.

3/23; Meet an Animal Well-Being Specialist

From GPS on tractors to automation in the milking parlors, technology plays a significant role in dairy farming being efficient and sustainable. In this episode, special guest Madison Hopcia, an animal well-being specialist with Upstate Niagara, explains to Lampa how technology helps dairy farmers in caring for their animals.

3/24; Inside the Milking Parlor

Lampa gives a glimpse inside the Phillips’ milking parlor and finds out how the dairy farmers manage to milk their 1,400 cows three times a day!

3/25; “Working’ It” on a Local Dairy Farm

The special edition series of “Working It” on a local dairy farm wraps up with Lampa showing how dairy farmers, milk plant processors and milk inspectors make sure the dairy products you buy are the freshest, safest, and best quality.

Dairy farmers work 365 days a year to produce food for our communities. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look into dairy farming and where food comes from, and meeting one of our dairy farm families.

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