Celebrating World School Milk Day

Author: Administrator | September 25, 2018

Celebrating World School Milk Day

September 26 is an important day for childhood nutrition across the world as schools will unite to celebrate World School Milk Day.

Created to raise awareness for all healthy benefits milk and a healthy breakfast can have on a child’s day, World School Milk Day will be dotted with fun, educational events that span globe.

Recently, Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, hosted a Back to Breakfast event that featured interactive games to promote dairy and healthy breakfasts in schools and guest appearances by former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant and Southern New Jersey’s Dairy Princess, Sierra Eachus.

After the event, Cherry Hill School District representatives discussed the importance of nutritious, dairy-filled breakfasts in their schools and World School Milk Day.

“Breakfast and milk in schools have a tremendous effect on the kids, and you can tell because the kids start talking about it,” said Cherry Hill School District Superintendent Joe Meloche.

“The more talk we get about things going on, especially a healthy breakfast and what that means and what’s involved in a healthy breakfast, kids will talk about it and the staff will talk about it. Kids will want to be engaged. And that’s what World School Milk Day can do for us. It’s a special day to get kids engaged and involved in all milk and breakfast at the start of the day can do for them.”

Danielle Blanco, the Food Services Director of the Cherry Hill School District, echoed those sentiments.

“Milk and breakfast in schools and these programs, it’s been so incredibly beneficial,” she said. “And World School Milk Day is an extension of all of that. It shows that you can reach kids in a less stigmatized way and that they can learn and feel all the benefits of milk and a healthy breakfast.”

How is your local school celebrating World School Milk Day? Please share with us.

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