This American Dairy Farmer | Marie Canon

Author: Administrator | March 12, 2021

This American Dairy Farmer | Marie Canon

Every gallon has a story. Join us each week as we profile one of your local dairy farmers and get a behind-the-scenes look at a day in their life. 

In Episode 1, we catch up with dairy farmer Marie Canon from Canon Dairy Farms. Marie is a 4th generation female dairy farmer who, alongside her daughter, manage their almost 200-year-old farm and creamery. We learn about the strong women in Marie's life who made her the farmer she is today and which fellow female farmers she admires, and why.

In Episode 2, we catch up again with Marie. She gives us a tour of her calf barn, cow barn, and milking parlor. To keep calves warm on chilly days, they outfit them with calf blankets. On our tour of the cow barn, we visit with the 115+ cows and learn how they relax to chew their cud, and when ready, step into the robotic milker where they are both milked and fed. Fun fact - the cows' body heat warms the barn without the use of a heater. We also learn about her favorite spot on the farm where she likes to rest and watch the moon rise over her fields.

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