Fun on the Farm with Farmer Jared

Author: Administrator | May 25, 2020

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Jared

This week, we join Farmer Jared and his cow, Maple Syrup, from Kurtland Farms to learn how they use technology on their farm.

Day 1 | TMR

Maple Syrup and Farmer Jared give us the scoop on what TMR is and how they use robots in the barn to help feed their cows.

Day 2 | Bedding

Farmer Jared shows us how they recycle manure on his farm and turn it into comfy bedding for cows like Maple Syrup.

Day 3 | Staying Cool

Farmer Jared shows us how he keeps Maple Syrup and the other cows on his farm cool in the summer months.

Day 4 | Robotic Milking

Farmer Jared takes us to his milking parlor and shows us how his cows, including Maple Syrup, are milked.

Day 5 | Milk

Learn the delicious dairy products made from Farmer Jared's milk and meet his youngest farmers and discover their favorite dairy food.

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