Fun on the Farm with Snider Homestead

Author: Administrator | May 18, 2020

Fun on the Farm with Snider Homestead

Join the youngest farmers from Snider Homestead and discover what they love about their farm (and a little about what they do outside of the farm too).

Day 1 | Cows

Farmers Blaire and Bella show us their favorite things about Snider Homestead.

Day 2 | Heifers

Learn from Farmer Blaire all about heifers on her farm.

Day 3 | Crops

Farmer Nolan shares his favorite thing on the farm - crops, and how, when harvested, they are used to feed the dairy cows on the farm.

Day 4 | Tractors

Farmer Eion gives us a tour of the Skid Loader and Tractor on his farm.

Day 5 | Milking

Farmer Allie shows us her favorite part of Snider Homestead, the milking cows!

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