Take a break from the dreary doldrums of winter and head to the 2024 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg between January 6-13. While you’re there, make sure to stop by the Calving Corner exhibit, the Farm Show’s live cow birthing center, where you can see some calves be born and get to speak with local Pennsylvania dairy farmers. Kish View Farms, Mowrer Farms, Reinford Farms and Schrack Farms. Each dairy farm will be featured for two days and will share four cows each from their respective farms with the Calving Corner during the Farm Show. Meet the farmers!

Kish View

Belleville, Pennsylvania

Siblings Keith and Kent Spicher, and their family, operate Kish View Farms in Mifflin County. To ensure high quality milk, the Spichers and their dedicated team are committed to providing clean water, nutritious feed, and comfortable housing for their 600 cows. All the crops needed to feed their cows are grown on the farm. To be good neighbors and good stewards of the land, Kish View’s on-farm methane digester reduces odors and converts manure and methane gas into electricity to power the farm. Recycled solids are used for bedding. Keith and Kent are looking forward to including future generations in their family farm.

Proud member-owners of Land O’Lakes, Kish View Farms’ milk is found in Weis Milk and Land O’Lakes butter.

Mowrer Farms

Petersburg, Pennsylvania

In 1990, Mike and Janet Mowrer moved their family and their cows to Huntingdon County to grow Mowrer Farms. Now, their son and his family, Nate, Erica, Madison and Luke are the 7th and 8th generations working on Mowrer Farms. They strive to produce high quality milk by being the best caretakers possible—providing nutritious feed and clean water in a calm, comfortable, clean environment and utilizing the highest standards of treatment and care. The farm and the cows are the Mowrers’ livelihood and legacy. In addition to the Calving Corner, Mowrer Farms’ cows are also exhibited in the dairy show during the Farm Show.

Milk from Mowrer Farms is found in Dairymaid milk and cheese.

Reinford Farms

Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

Reinford Farms in Juniata County is home to and operated by Chad, Brett and Drew Reinford and their families. Reinford Farms is a modern farm that focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Much of what they grow on the 1,300 acres of land is fed to their 750 cows. An on-farm methane digester converts food waste, manure, and methane gas into electricity to power the farm and heat their homes, and the recycled solids are used as cow bedding. This entirely sustainable and cyclical operation keeps over 50,000 tons of food waste out of landfills each year. And after the Farm Show, the butter sculpture is recycled at Reinford Farms!

Milk from Reinford Farms is found in Hershey’s chocolate milk, Land O’Lakes butter and other dairy products.

Schrack Farms

Loganton, Pennsylvania

Schrack Farms is a modern dairy farm located in Clinton County. Founded in 1773, Schrack Farms is operated by the 10th, 11th, and 12th generations of the Schrack family—Kevin Schrack, Jim and Lisa (Schrack) Harbach and their family. To ensure that each of their 1,400 cows are well cared for, Schrack Farms relies on a team of great employees, including 20 family members! All the crops needed to feed their cows are grown on the farm. Utilizing modern environmental and sustainable technologies ensure that future generations of the Schrack family will continue the farm with healthy, high-quality land.

Milk from Schrack Farms is found in Land O’Lakes butter and Lehigh Valley Milk.