Top 5 Mommy Nutrition Bloggers to Follow

Author: Michelle Barber, MA, RDN, CDN Follow her @DairyMomRD | March 08, 2018

Top 5 Mommy Nutrition Bloggers to Follow

There is a lot of advice out there for momma’s. If you’re anything like me, as soon as my child has a sniffle, I’m googling symptoms. The internet is one of the easiest tools for moms to use; however, it’s not always filled with accurate information. Let’s face it, anybody can publish their opinion online.

How can you tell if the advice you’re getting is good? Look for credentialed professionals. When seeking nutritional advice, I recommend looking for the Registered Dietitian credential. This ensures that individuals have at least a bachelor’s degree and 1200 hours of supervised practice in nutrition.

Here are my go-to trusted sources that you need to follow to make your family’s 2018 healthier. But first things first. Ask your partner to take care of the kiddos for a little bit. Make yourself a dairy-delicious latte, get cozy, and enjoy reading through some of my favorite Mommy Blogs:

1. Your Online BFF

As you start to read the Mom to Mom Nutrition blog, you will notice that Katie is the mommy friend that you want to live next door to. She makes you laugh, her advice is spot on and she’s not afraid to provide real life scenarios… including the ups and downs of parenting. Her blog, how to survive an 8-hour road trip with toddlers, is a great example of this.

My favorite blog of hers is this easy guide to creating kid-friendly smoothies. 

Photo courtesy of Katie Serbinski.

And if you’re Michigan State University fan – it’s a bonus, because she’s their biggest fan!

Mom to Mom Nutrition


2. Child Feeding Expert

Need an expert in feeding children? Jill Castle is your girl. If you have tough questions, Jill has the answers. She is extremely knowledgeable on everything from bottle feedings to starting solids to extremely picky eaters.


She’s not afraid to talk about a popular subject or to debunk common nutrition myths. Here’s one of my favorites of Jill debunking milk myths

The Nourished Child with Jill Castle


3. Creative Genius

The Lean Green Bean has the most creative ideas ever for food, and fun that you will want to duplicate immediately! I love that her son now stars in her recipe videos to show the ease of the recipe.

Video courtesy of the Lean Green Bean.

It gets the kiddos cooking in the kitchen. Also, I love her fun ideas of things for the kiddos to do. And I’m not joking here, they may be *brilliant*.

The Lean Green Bean


4. The Meal Planning Momma

Are you a momma of twins? Jessica Levinson is, and she makes feeding twins look super easy. Her recipes are family-friendly, and packed with vegetables. This is my families’ favorite and most shared recipe with others:

Image and recipe courtesy of Jessica Levinson.

BUT the BEST thing that Jessica does is her Menu Planning Mondays which will make your weeks much easier! Subscribe to those today! 


5. The Queen of the Easy Kitchen Hacks

Deanna Seagrave-Daly is queen of the easy kitchen hacks. Watch one of her quick videos… full of amazing ideas for your kitchen… and you’ll see what I mean. I LOVE Deanna’s Facebook Lives and will stop whatever I’m doing to watch them. Here is one that Deanna and I made on how to create an easy yet impressive cheese board. 

Deanna Seagrave-Daly


Do you have a favorite nutrition Mommy Blogger that you follow? Share them with me in a comment below.

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