This American Dairy Farmer | The Murrays

Author: Administrator | March 26, 2021

This American Dairy Farmer | The Murrays

Every gallon has a story. Join us each week as we profile one of your local dairy farmers and get a behind-the-scenes look at a day in their life. 

In Episode 3, we catch up with Mark and Sara Murray from Murcrest Farms, LLC in Copenhagen, NY. We learn what Mark and Sara would do if they weren't dairy farmers. Spoiler alert, Mark is a Grill Master!

Mark shares the family legacy on his farm and the role technology plays. Then Sara shows us what a group calf feeder is and how it provides access for calves to eat any time, day or night. We also discover the Mission Statement for Murcrest Farms and how that drives everything that they do. 

In Episode 4, we catch up again with Mark Murray. He describes how farming is a family affair and how innovation and improved efficiency on the farm have led to a better work-life balance. We also learn about Mark's philanthropic endeavors and the cross-section between farm-life and the community.

Join us next week as we catch up with Yvette Longenecker of Penn England Farm.

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