Are you social media savvy? Social media advocates sought for DairyFAN

Author: Administrator | February 21, 2017

Syracuse, N.Y. (February 20, 2017) – Online conversations and content is a leading source of information for the public about how their food is produced. If you are a dairy farmer or are engaged in the dairy industry, DairyFAN is looking for you.

The Dairy Food Advocacy Network (DairyFAN) is sponsored by American Dairy Association North East, the local dairy checkoff organization, and is designed for dairy farmers and young dairy professionals in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Northern Virginia who enjoy participating in online conversations about where our food comes from and how it’s produced. The program helps hone social media Advocacy skills to better engage in digital discussions about food and agriculture. DairyFAN will help participant’s by providing guidance on how to beef up social media accounts both personally and professionally; opportunities to build networks within the agriculture industry; access to exclusive industry initiatives and events.

According to DairyFAN member, Jennifer Banker, Potsdam, N.Y., "The population today is becoming more social media savvy. They get all their information from Facebook and other social platforms. DairyFAN has been one of the best training platforms I have had that helps you with social media. It is important for farmers to be able to communicate with the general public so that the general public won’t be afraid to ask where their food comes from."

Interested in applying for DairyFAN? Join us on March 7 at 12 noon or March 9 at 7 p.m. for a webinar on "How to Be a Social Media Advocate." Visit Dairy FAN to register for the webinar and to apply for DairyFAN.

The Dairy Food Advocacy Network (DairyFAN) is a sponsored by American Dairy Association North East. For more information, please contact Emma Andrew at

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