More than 15,000 high school coaches in our territory are receiving timely dairy nutrition information to share with their student athletes not able to practice with teammates or compete in sports due to the quarantine. ADA North East’s Sports Nutrition Advisory Panel, a group of 11 health professionals that serve as ambassadors for the dairy industry, has developed the “Tip of the Dayâ€_x009d_ Facebook video series called #TogetherAtHome which is being posted online from April 29 — May 7.

As part of the Refuel with Chocolate Milk campaign, series topics include quick breakfast ideas, snacking with protein, pantry staples for refueling, including protein at every meal, and workouts at home. ADA North East is working with lead consultant to the Sports Nutrition Advisory Panel, Heather Mangieri, a food, fitness and nutrition expert on content. Other participating renown registered dietitians include Jessica Garay Redmond, Leslie Bonci, Jake Sankal, and Matt Darnell.

Watch the #TogetherAtHome video series