ADA North East’s second elementary school virtual farm tour last week at Star Rock Farm in Conestoga, Pa., drew 16,416 students who had more than 200 questions! In total, the three virtual farm tours racked up more than 30,000 live viewers.

Ed Facer of Star Rock Farm hosted the final tour with ADA North East. Watch the tour on Facebook, or via YouTube:

“Hosting the farm tour was a great experience and is a really convenient way to show what we do on the farm to a large group of students,” said Facer, who hosted the ADA North East tour for the first time.

Farmer giving a virtual farm tour

Last week, more than 4,800 middle and high school students tuned in live to the tour at Stauffer Farms hosted by Adam Bates in North Lawrence, N.Y., and more than 9,200 elementary students virtually toured Mulligan Farm with Emilie Mulligan in Avon, N.Y.