Fayette County, Pa., dairy farmer and ADA North East board member Louie Diamond was featured on DMI’s Undeniably Dairy website this week for his efforts in helping secure milk for food banks in his local county. He helped get 8,000 gallons of milk donated by his cooperative Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) in April, and last month he worked through the Coronavirus Federal Assistance Program (CFAP) to get another nearly 8,000 gallons of milk from Schneider’s Dairy to Fayette County families.

To date, ADA North East helped facilitate the distribution of more than 175,000 gallons of DFA-donated milk. Through tomorrow, June 3, we will have helped get about 40,000 gallons of milk delivered through CFAP and the Nourishing New York programs through partners like Upstate Niagara Cooperative, DFA, Cloverland Dairy, Marburger Dairy and Schneider’s Dairy.

For more information about ADA North East’s milk distribution efforts, call 315.472.9143.