This week, ADA North East’s retail team passed the 100,000 mark of stocking milk and other dairy foods on more than 700 grocery store shelves across the six-state region.

For a total of 100,583 units, we stocked 70,961 units of milk; 13,688 units of cheese; and 15,934 units of yogurt/cultured products.

“Our retail team immediately shifted some of its traditional audit work to assist our retail partners in keeping milk and other dairy products on the shelves as soon as the pandemic hit more than eight weeks ago. Although the initial panic-buying has eased, consumers are still preparing most meals at home, so demand is still great for dairy — which is a good thing — and we’re glad to help keep those products readily available.” — Rick Naczi, ADA North East CEO

Typically, ADA North East’s regular retail programming includes an average of 6,000 store audits in more than 1,400 stores each year to assess dairy case temperature, hygiene and other conditions, offering suggestions for improvement.

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