To encourage students to fuel their school day with dairy, ADA North East conducted a month-long back-to-school retail campaign with Acme and Safeway stores throughout the region – that resulted in a 126% increase in product sales!

“Five Protein-Rich Dairy Snacks to Fuel Your School Day” helped increase sales of string cheese, cracker-cut cheese squares, pints of milk and regular and kids’ yogurts.

“Every parent wants their children to kick off the school year on the right foot, and fueling their bodies with nutrient-dense dairy is essential to their success,” said ADA North East CEO John Chrisman. “Partnering with local retailers on a back-to-school campaign is a proven way to increase dairy sales because we’re reaching consumers right where they shop with important nutrition messaging for their families.”

The campaign included signage in the dairy case, print advertisements in the store circulars, and social media promotion. The ads included a QR code that linked to ADA North East’s “Benefits of Dairy” website page. The featured products were also placed in secondary locations like store sales cases to increase exposure and availability to customers.

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