Last week, ADA North East played a key role in building trust in local dairy farmers during the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) conference that drew more than 300 attendees. Fostering positive relationships with environmental partners bolsters dairy farmer image. We showcased our virtual resources including our virtual farm tour program and additional videos we developed about sustainability efforts of dairy farms located in local watersheds.

We also hosted a virtual exhibit booth that has already drawn nearly 70 visitors that have opened our dairy sustainability documents and videos, and many have visited our social media pages to gather more information about dairy farmers’ efforts to responsibly produce a safe, wholesome product for consumers.

Visit our sustainability page that highlights what dairy farmers in our six-state region are doing regarding manure management, watershed protection, shrinking the carbon footprint, and using modern technology.

An illustrated map of the Watershed Dairy Farm Tours accompanied by photos of a dairy farm and farm.