Burger King Stops Running Low-Methane Ad Thanks to Dairy Checkoff SupporterUniversity of California-Davis professor and air quality extension specialist Frank Mitloenher participated in an interview on AgriTalk, as a follow-up to last week’s Burger King announcement about developing a burger from cows on a low-methane diet. The announcement met with much skepticism about the science and confusion over the strategy.

The company has since stopped running the ad.

Mitloehner says Burger King officials contacted him after seeing his response in Twitter to the company’s commercial, indicating they were surprised by his reaction to the campaign. MItloehner went on to say, “I educated them on the facts, and they made several changes. They took content out that was demeaning to farmers and they pulled the content from all TV stations. So, to me, that is very positive and it is indicative that they ‘get it’ — that the mistake was made and that it needs to be corrected.”

Mitloehner also reports that Burger King asked him to consult with them moving forward: “They have asked me to cooperate with them in order to infuse science-based research on the one hand and get communication out — and check it before it reaches the masses.”