More than 2,100 health professionals who have the potential to reach 3.3. million consumers with the health benefits of dairy tuned into the American Dairy Association North East-hosted presentation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). More than 85 percent of participants indicate they will recommend three or more servings of dairy a day to their clients, based on post-webinar results. Participants included family physicians and pediatricians, registered dietitians, school food service specialists and school nurses, along with several dairy farmers and dairy industry partners.

Post-webinar results also show that participants have a positive view of dairy foods in the diet and are more confident addressing DGA with clients. Presenter Toby Amidor, dairy spokesperson and registered dietitian explained the process of how the DGA is created, the latest recommendations and updates; and how participants can communicate healthful eating messages to patients and clients.

“This was very beneficial, and I will be utilizing this approach when working with community members in the future. I am looking forward to helping the community ‘make every bite count.'” — Brianna Bartholomew, MS, RDN, CDN from Buffalo, N.Y.

Watch the webinar re-cap below and register here to watch the complete presentation.