Oakwood Dairy in Auburn, N.Y., owned by Kelly O’Hara and Garret Miller, hosted a farm tour this week for Cayuga County local leaders in support of the Partners for Healthy Watersheds (PHW) initiative. ADA North East partnered with Northeast Dairy Producers Association, New York Animal Agriculture Coalition and Cayuga County Farm Bureau in 2017 to form PHW to help consumers learn more about what farmers are doing to help protect local watersheds.

“When local leaders visit our farms in-person and see firsthand the investment in continuous improvement of managing our lands, caring for our animals, and protecting our natural resources, they leave with an entirely fresh perspective of production agriculture.” – Kelly O’Hara

Neighboring dairy farmers, Jon and Julie Patterson from Patterson Farms, also participated in a discussion with the group, along with Kirsten Workman from Cornell University, Doug Kirst from Cayuga Soil and Water Conservation District, and Amie Gabriel from Cayuga Milk Ingredients.

Cayuga County Dairy Promotion Committee was on hand, as well, as Cayuga County Junior Dairy Ambassador Reilley Patterson provided dairy treats to the participants.