Meet the four dairy farm families who are providing cattle for the live birthing center – the Calving Corner – at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, from January 8-15. ADA North East worked with the Calving Corner team to identify farmers who would provide four cows for two days. We also helped coordinate the videos featuring each farm family that will play during the eight-day show. Click on the links to watch the videos about each farm.

MercerVu Farms, the Hissong family – Mercersburg, Franklin County
Burk-Lea Farms, the Burkholder family – Chambersburg, Franklin County
Walton Farms, the Walton family – Cochranville, Chester County
Brook-Corner Holsteins, the Hoover family – Lebanon, Lebanon County

The Calving Corner is made possible by ADA North East, Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association, Friends of Farm Show Foundation, Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania, Center for Dairy Excellence, Mid-Atlantic/AgChoice Farm Credit, Land O’Lakes Foundation, Professional Dairy Producers Foundation, Northeast Agriculture Education Foundation, Inc., and additional organizations with support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.