As part of ADA North East’s effort to build trust in dairy with health professionals, we hosted a webinar – “From Farm to Fridge” – that drew 347 registered dietitians, family physicians and pediatricians. The goal was to develop the nutrition professionals as dairy advocates so they will encourage their clients and patients to consume milk and dairy as part of a healthy diet.

Speakers included Katie Dotterer, social media influencer AgvoKate; Redner’s Markets Nutrition Marketing and Communications Manager Meredith McGrath; and food and movement dietitian Mandy Enright. They explained three areas of milk’s journey “From Farm to Fridge” including:

  • How milk gets from the farm to the table, including transportation, processing and quality control to ensure freshness, purity and taste.
  • Different fluid milk products found in the grocery store and what products are best for them and their clients and patients.
  • Keeping milk fresh at home by understanding “use by” and “sell by” dates on milk containers.

The free recorded webinar is available to view here.

View the Farm to Fridge webinar flyer.