American Dairy Association North East is creating new opportunities for students to enjoy milk in schools with its Hot Chocolate Milk and Moo Lattes programs.

With schools already offering milk as an option with reimbursable meals, warming up chocolate milk is easy and provides a fun option for students to enjoy as their milk choice.

“We launched our Hot Chocolate Milk pilot program in 2018 to encourage students to consume more milk by providing options during school meals,” said ADA North East CEO John Chrisman. “Our first pilot programs showed an increase in school meal participation which directly correlates to a higher take rate of milk by students, boosting sales. Ensuring students have access to milk and dairy helps keep them nourished and ready to learn. It’s a win for everyone.”

For example, the pilot program in two Rochester City Schools in New York saw a combined increase in 8-ounce milk servings by 41%.

Subsequently, the ADA North East Hot Chocolate Milk campaign was rolled out across the region, enabling schools to apply for promotional materials, starter kits with recipes and best practices recommendations, and equipment to launch their own programs.

To-date, more than 140 new districts have joined the Hot Chocolate Milk initiative, resulting in an increase in milk sales and school meal participation, showing its appeal and popularity with students. Schools can offer it as a grab-and-go option, through in-classroom delivery, and in the cafeteria.

ADA North East also started a pilot program for its Moo Latte Program. Three New York school districts implemented the program with school meals, and results showed increases in milk sales during meal periods. One participating school increased 8-ounce milk servings by 53%, with an additional 543 servings in a one-week period.

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