In a relationship-building effort, ADA North East and Dairy Management Inc., recently shared a virtual local and national dairy checkoff update with staff members of Premier Select Sires. Partnering with industry representatives builds knowledge about and confidence in checkoff programs and enables them to have educated conversations with their farmer-customers about dairy checkoff.

“It was great for the Premier team to meet with DMI and ADANE to get an update on the exciting programs, unique partnerships, and other efforts they’re making to promote dairy consumption and connect consumers and producers. We’re all in it together in the dairy community, and it’s exciting to see the different ways we can all contribute to reach a common goal as an industry.” – Laura Williams, Communications Specialist, Premier Select Sires

More than 20 Premier Select Sires members joined the presentation live and it was shared with more than 200 employees and independent field representatives.

DMI’s Nate Janssen discussed national partnership programs and the Net Zero Initiative, the collective dairy industry effort to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. ADA North East’s Amy Leslie highlighted local environmental programs, and retail marketing, school sales and education programs, and crisis communications efforts.

“We were thrilled to learn more about the awesome checkoff work that’s being done. This type of education doesn’t only help our staff be more educated, it helps them while they’re in conversations with their customers every day. Thanks to ADANE and DMI for taking time to share all the good work that they’re doing…and also share how we can all work together to make this industry stronger.” – Karen Wheatley, Manager of Employee Development, Training & Engagement, Premier Select Sires