As 2021 comes to an end, ADA North East’s retail team has tallied more than 7,000 visits to 1,515 stores throughout the region to ensure that dairy cases are kept clean, cold and well-stocked so consumers have a positive shopping experience and spend more on dairy.

As part of our Dairy Aisle Performance Program, the retail team builds long-term relationships with dairy case managers through the store visits and audits. This year our team has encouraged staff in 364 stores to correct hygiene issues in the dairy case where we alerted the stores to an issue, and they quickly corrected the problem.

“This is why you and your team are well-received in our stores,” said Weis Senior Category Manager Tom Domaracki. “You’re a major help to us for our customers – thanks!”

Secondary placements, or cross-merchandising, of dairy in other retail departments is another part of the DAPP program that retailers have reported can give a 7 percent boost in sales. This year, our team secured 1,628 secondary placements in 689 stores. One example was our partnership this fall with Redner’s Markets that featured cross-merchandising milk and cheese in its produce department.

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