Pennsylvania dairy farmer and DMI Chair Marilyn Hershey and New York dairy farmer and DMI Secretary Skip Hardie recently represented ADA North East dairy farmers and dairy checkoff and were recognized at the national Domino’s Pizza Rally. Since the partnership with Domino’s began in 2009, we have achieved more than 1.5 billion milk equivalent pounds of dairy growth, and in the last decade more than 2 billion pounds of cheese volume sold on Domino’s pizza!

“They are an amazing organization, with many values similar to what we farmers hold close,” said Hardie in a social media post. “Dairy Management Inc. and Domino’s have had a great partnership over the last 12 years, with selling more cheese central to that relationship both domestically and internationally.”

Hardie added that he and the other dairy farmers had series of private meetings with Domino’s leadership including a session with new CEO Russell Weiner and other top executives during the rally.

“They are committed to supporting dairy farmers and truly value our relationship,” said Hardie.

More than 7,000 of the checkoff power partner’s leadership and franchisees from across the world gathered to strategize for the future. Two main points of discussion at the rally were sustainability with the chain planning to double their business and halve their directly controlled greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Secondly, Domino’s expects 80% of their growth to come from international markets which translate to more U.S. cheese exports!