This week, 271 school nurses with access to 122,000 students from across our region participated in a webinar sponsored by ADA North East in collaboration with the Maryland Association of School Health Nurses.

ADA North East health professional spokesperson Angie Dye, MS, RDN, CSSD, presented “COVID-19 and Intuitive Eating: A Non-Dieting Approach to Sheltering in Place.â€_x009d_ Participants learned about the important role dairy plays in the diet and our available resources as related to intuitive eating – the eating style that promotes a healthy attitude toward food and body image, encouraging to eating when hungry and stopping when full.

Pre- and post- webinar surveys showed increases in participants’ positive view of dairy foods; recommendations of three servings or more of dairy per day; and awareness of ADA North East website resources. The recorded webinar is available for future viewing.

ADA North East will also be a sponsor of the Maryland Association of School Health Nurses in-person annual meeting later in the year.