ADA North East’s health professionals team adjusted hosting its spring educational series in-person to online meetings due to the COVID-19 quarantine. As a result, more participants attended to hear positive dairy messages related to nutrition than in previous years.

#FakeNews: Dispelling Food and Nutrition Myths

Nearly 350 participants from the Delaware Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics participated in a webinar with ADA North East spokesperson and National Dairy Council Ambassador Leslie Bonci, MPH, RND, CSSD, called “#FakeNews: Dispelling Food and Nutrition Myths.” She discussed the many health benefits of milk and provided a comparison with dairy alternatives. A post-evaluation showed that 82 percent of participants would recommend three servings of dairy to their nutrition clients compared to only 49 percent before hearing the presentation.

Childhood Hunger: A School Nurse’s Direct Response to COVID-19

More than 700 participants from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association logged on to hear “Childhood Hunger: A School Nurse’s Direct Response to COVID-19,”presented by Clancy Cash Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND. The potential reach of the information related to food insecurity and overall health in schools is 16 million students and 300,000 parents.