“Food Brings Everyone to the Table” is the theme of this year’s National Ag Day, on March 23, 2021, which falls during National Ag Week (March 21-March 27). We invite you to participate in the “Food Brings Everyone to the Table” social media campaign.

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Key Message

Ag Day is about recognizing – and celebrating – the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives! Farmers can help deliver these messages using the below social posts!

Sample Social Posts with Downloadable Images (Facebook/Instagram and Twitter)

Sample Social Post 1

Copy content: Happy National Ag Day! Milk and dairy bring everyone to the table. #AgDay21

Downloadable Images: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/gvtdovjmq3gpnala8htg3yzxdt01a708

Sample Social Post 2

Copy content: Throughout the pandemic, dairy farmers continued the essential work of producing nutritious milk and dairy products for their family – and yours. Food brings everyone to the table. #AgDay21

Downloadable Images: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/8qriu4e1e7bggv74h56isifagam5pzn7

Sample Social Post 3

Copy content: Dairy farmers are essential to everyday life, producing milk and helping to keep local communities nourished. #AgDay21

Downloadable Images: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/1a89yzkpgsemajof2im34ggt6gopcprw

Sample Social Post 4

Copy content: Food brings everyone to the table – and dairy farmers right in our own community are making sure supermarkets are stocked with all the milk, cheese and yogurt your family loves. #AgDay21

Downloadable Images: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/t2cnznnd6r2vrbkoqtv1dwhzct5wd73y

Sample Social Post 5

Copy content: Happy National Ag Day! #AgDay21

Downloadable Images: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/j5zh863bd6lyxzz1k7sad3nafo8f6r7u

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