ADA North East’s new video series honors the hard work and dedication of local dairy farmers — not just during the pandemic, but every day.

The first video featured retail workers recognizing farmers’ efforts for producing the safe, abundant supply of milk that is sold at their stores. In the first week, the post grabbed more than 5,400 views on Facebook, plus an additional 640 views on other social media outlets including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The second video shows school food service workers and families thanking dairy farmers for continuing to provide milk and dairy foods for students’ well-being. Since being posted on Monday, May 11, it has already received 1,100 Facebook views.

Because ADA North East has established relationships with those who work in retail, school foodservice, health professionals, students and consumers, those audiences want to show how much they value what dairy farmers do each day.

Stay tuned for future videos from healthcare workers, Fuel Up to Play 60 partners, consumers, and more.

Watch the Appreciation Series Videos

  • Retail workers say #ThankYouDairyFarmers
  • School Workers and Students Say #ThankYouDairyFarmers