Thanks to ADA North East’s long-term relationship with Dr. Keith Ayoob, renown health professional, he penned a positive response to build trust in dairy and to counter an animal activist group’s disparaging op-ed that ran in the New York Daily News.

ADA North East continually monitors dairy-focused issues in the media. The organization’s crisis preparedness program is in place to activate and coordinate quickly in response to issues, incidents and situations that could significantly threaten the dairy industry.

By building relationships with well-respected health professionals like Dr. Ayoob, ADA North East can quickly rely on them to show their support for dairy.

For more information about ADA North East’s crisis preparedness plan, contact Beth Meyer at, or call 315.472.9143.

Read Ayoob’s response:

Manhattan: Here we go again with another false and unwarranted attack on milk. As a registered dietitian-nutritionist for more than 30 years, I rely on evidenced-based information supported by credible science and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which point to “real dairy” components of our diets. Dairy foods are safe, natural, accessible, and affordable. Consider this: Real milk has no added sugar, like many alternatives. Its ingredient list is short – simply milk, Vitamins D and A. It is a powerhouse, with 13 essential nutrients and eight times more protein than some plant-based beverages. The proven health benefits of dairy are undeniable, supported by science and numerous health organizations, including the American Cancer Society and National Osteoporosis Foundation. Everyone is entitled to their food philosophy, but philosophy shouldn’t dictate policy when it doesn’t square with facts. Read labels and seek advice from physicians and registered dietitians-nutritionists.