Placing dairy products in new locations with other food items is proving to boost dairy sales because of the convenience to shoppers. ADA North East’s April 2021 secondary placements test program in 14 stores averaged up to 35% increase in volume!

The test program placed new placements utilizing:

  • Shredded cheese with eggs
  • Shredded cheese with salad
  • Cubed cheese with fruit
  • Sliced cheese with hamburger meat
  • Sliced cheese with lunch meat and hot dogs
  • Shredded cheese with hot dogs; and,
  • String cheese with kids’ yogurt

To-date, ADA North East’s retail team has installed more than 1,340 secondary placements in nearly 650 stores across the region. A summertime campaign with ShopRite called “Fill the Grill” is being held in 291 stores from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The effort is a great example of cross merchandising support at the store level where they installed the signage and provided weekly advertising.

Cross merchandising is one part of ADA North East’s Dairy Aisle Performance Program ensures that dairy cases are clean and fresh, products are well-stocked, dairy has the proper space allocated, and secondary placements put product in other locations. To-date, our retail team has made more than 5,000 store visits in 2021.