American Dairy Association North East and Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program recently joined the Pennsylvania Beef Council to coordinate a farm tour with more than two dozen retail registered dietitians at Kreider Farms, Manheim, Pa., to debunk dairy myths and build trust in dairy.

Health and nutrition professionals from major retail grocery chains including ShopRite, Weis, Wegman’s and GIANT, toured the farm to learn about the sustainable nutrition that dairy and beef products provide, in addition to how farmers care for their cattle and land.

“Hosting health professionals like those from retail grocery chains allows them to see first-hand how dairy farmers sustainably produce milk and therefore they can confidently recommend milk and dairy foods as nutritious products for the customers and clients,” said Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program Chair Lolly Lesher of Way-Har Farms.

“It was such a great experience seeing the entire process of how meat and dairy products get to our stores,” said attendee Weis Markets Senior Clinical Registered Dietitian Lyndi Mies. “I always appreciate the work of farmers, but I will now have a much greater appreciation after seeing it for myself. Thank you for the opportunity.”

ADA North East CEO John Chrisman said, “Supporting grocery retailers is a big part of what we do at ADA North East. Our team works with grocers to ensure dairy cases meet cleanliness and hygiene standards, call out the nutritional benefits of dairy foods, and showcase local dairy farms.

“Retail dietitians play a vital role in helping us educate and nourish families, so tours like these go a long way in boosting trust and sales in dairy.”