ADA North East’s retail teams continue to help stock store shelves to keep milk and dairy products readily available. In fact, since mid-March we have assisted dairy case managers by stocking nearly 90,000 dairy items! In addition, our retail teams are still completing new Dairy Aisle Reinvention installments to keep the dairy cases “shopper-friendlyâ€_x009d_ even during these challenging times.

The Dairy Aisle Reinvention program incorporates merchandising techniques such as customized signage to highlight the real dairy in the dairy case; provides nutrition and product use ideas; and features dairy farm families in farm-to-table signage. Retailers report significant sales growth after program implementation.

Last week, two Shop ‘n Save stores in the Pittsburgh area got a makeover, with new signage on each dairy case to help shoppers more easily identify where specific products are located for more efficient shopping. We also included the Choose PA Dairy signage to highlight local Pennsylvania dairy farm families to help consumers connect with who’s producing their food.

Additional retailers in New York have been fitted for signage and graphics to help improve the look of the dairy cases and will be installed as state quarantine requirements allow.