Research shows that increased shelf space for dairy products in retail stores’ refrigeration cases boosts dairy sales. By providing a wider variety of choices from a clean, organized case encourages shoppers to spend more time and more dollars in the dairy aisle.

Increased space for fluid milk, yogurt and cheese also reduces lost sales from out-of-stock items, and creates room for growing segments like whole, lactose-free and value-added milks, as well as whole-milk yogurt offerings.

As part of ADA North East’s retail Dairy Aisle Reinvention (DAR) program that provides retailers with new merchandising techniques, customized signage, nutrition information, our team is actively working with several ShopRite, Price Rite, Foodtown and King Kullen stores throughout the region to increase footage in the dairy aisle. Whether stores are reorganizing or remodeling the dairy case to gain 6 feet of additional space, or if a new store installs 240 feet for dairy, sales increase.

Another DAR component is the Farm-to-Table campaign that helps make the connection with the farmers who produce the products. In New York, 87 stores feature local farm families, including ShopRite, Price Rite, Foodtown, Weis and King Kullen. In addition, 58 ShopRite stores feature the New York Grown and Certified logo in the dairy case, letting shoppers know that they are purchasing locally produced products.