Tune into the next Dairy Management Inc., Open Mic session on Tuesday, May 25, at 1 p.m., to learn about how dairy checkoff is focusing on Gen Z partnerships and marketing efforts to engage youth to become dairy lovers. Registration is required. Sign up here.

For example, national checkoff is gearing up for National Dairy Month by preparing social media content to showcase the unexpected side of dairy farmers as athletes, musicians, artists, firefighters, pilots, and more — all while caring for cows and providing delicious dairy for us to enjoy.

You will also hear how YouTubers and gaming influencer partners are generating awareness of the benefits of dairy. Dairy checkoff’s existing partnership with video gamers just kicked off the “Beat the Lag Challenge,” by sharing their own #BeatTheLag recipes and ask others to create theirs, too. To see the first videos from gamer Captain Sparklez and professional baker Rosanna Pansino. (Professional Baker Video / Pizza Rolls Video).