LOGANTON, PA (JUNE 14, 2023) – In honor of National Dairy Month, Emmy Award-winning culinary producer and food stylist Anthony Contrino toured dairy farms throughout the northeast to cook with farmers and learn how they sustainably produce the milk that is the base of many of his favorite culinary ingredients, like yogurt and cheese.

The “Chef Meets Farm” series is presented by the American Dairy Association North East. The series launched June 7 on chefmeetsfarm.com. Schrack Farms, located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Sugar Valley, was Anthony’s second stop on this season’s tour.

Schrack Farms dates back to 1773 and has been family-owned and operated for 12 generations. Three generations still live and work at the farm, milking 1,400 cows and farming 2,200 acres with 26 employees. In 2018, the farm received the “Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year” award from the International Dairy Foods Association. The farm was one of the earliest in the area to install a methane digester to produce renewable energy – enough to run the farm and decrease greenhouse gases.

During his visit, Anthony and farmer Aaron Harbach made the ultimate summer appetizer – Cheeseburger Pull-Apart Bread, using fresh cheese and other locally sourced ingredients. Watch Aaron and Anthony share their stories, revel in each other’s work, and make a delicious dairy dish together on chefmeetsfarm.com.

In other episodes of  Chef Meets Farm, Anthony visits Barbland and White Eagle Dairy in Fabius, N.Y., and Twin Birch Dairy in Skaneateles, N.Y.