State College, PA (Oct. 27, 2022) – Offering a glimpse into the lives of hardworking farmers, American Dairy Association North East released a new episode of “This American Dairy Farmer,” a digital series highlighting family, tradition and sustainable food production on local dairy farms.

Every gallon has a story, and “This American Dairy Farmer” offers a behind-the-scenes look at dairy farms and the families who operate them, while helping viewers make personal connections with those who produce their food.

In “College Student Loves Her Cows,” which debuted October 27th on, viewers meet dairy farmer Katerina Coffman, a sophomore at Penn State University who is studying animal science and agri-business management.

Along with taking a full schedule of classes, Coffman works at Penn State’s Dairy Barns, where she milks cows and immerses herself in research going on around her. Right outside the facility is Beaver Stadium, and Coffman says she loves sharing her Penn State pride with the university’s Holstein herd.

“I wanted to go to an institution that valued research and valued the importance of being able to identify trends within the industry,” Coffman says. “Penn State is providing me with the best industry knowledge and real-world experience.”

“I also enjoy sharing my love for dairy cows with other students who have not grown up on a farm,” she says.

Watch “This American Dairy Farmer” to learn more about what drives Coffman’s motivation to make sure vulnerable communities have access to nutritious food.

“This series is an opportunity for consumers to meet and learn about the people who produce the milk for everything from their morning coffee to their children’s school meals,” said John Chrisman, CEO of American Dairy Association North East. “You see the passion dairy farmers have for taking care of their animals, protecting the environment and leaving a legacy for the next generation.”

“This American Dairy Farmer” visits 12 dairy farms in 2022. New episodes will continue to air through the fall months at, where seasons one and two are also available. Other Pennsylvania dairies featured in the first two seasons include Dotterer Dairy in Mill Hall, Painterland Farms in Westfield, and Vista Grande Farms in Fleetwood.