(Copenhagen, N.Y.) March 25, 2021

Consumers will have an opportunity to visit a local dairy farm without ever leaving the couch. Lewis County’s Murcrest Farms will be the next stop on American Dairy Association North East’s new video series, “This American Dairy Farmer.” The two-part episode will air on Facebook Saturday, March 27 and Saturday, April 3 at 10 a.m.

Every gallon has a story, and “This American Dairy Farmer” offers a behind-the-scenes look at local dairy farms and the families that operate them, while helping viewers make a personal connection with those who produce their food.

Dairy farmer Mark Murray and his wife Sara will cover a variety of topics including how technology plays an integral role in providing the utmost care for their cows and calves and how their farm and farmer roles have changed over the years. Mark Murray will also talk to viewers about the positive contributions dairy farms make in their communities, which starts with employing local families.

“As a dairy farmer I believe that it is important to share our farm and our story with the community and consumers of the products we help to produce,” said Mark Murray. “We are excited to do some of that through the ‘This American Dairy Farmer’ series.”

“This American Dairy Farmer” was inspired by American Dairy Association North East’s successful 2020 “Fun on the Farm” video series, which gave viewers virtual tours of dairy farms across the region. More than a dozen dairy farms throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, including Mapleview Dairy in Northern New York, hosted tours, with videos topping more than 3.5 million views.

New episodes of “This American Dairy Farmer” will air every week through August and feature a different farm every two weeks. The new series kicked off on March 13 with a visit to Canon Dairy Farm in West Middlesex, Pa. Following Murcrest Farms’ two-week run, the series will head to Penn England dairy farm in Blair County, Pa., for back-to-back episodes that will air on Saturday, April 10 and Saturday, April 17.