WESTFIELD, Pa. (July 6, 2022) – Offering a glimpse into the lives of hardworking farmers, American Dairy Association North East released a new episode of “This American Dairy Farmer,” a digital series highlighting family, tradition and sustainable food production on local dairy farms.

Every gallon has a story, and “This American Dairy Farmer” offers a behind-the-scenes look at dairy farms and the families who operate them, while helping viewers make a personal connection with those who produce their food.

In “Sisters Sell Yogurt with Smiles,” which debuted July 6 on AmericanDairy.com, dairy farmers Stephanie and Hayley Painter share with viewers how – as barefoot little girls – they saw their family farm as a magical place that connected nature with nourishment. Always intending to return to the rolling hills of their family farm, the sisters are using their enterprising spirit and smiles to make a popular dairy product. Their organic Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt brand launched in March and is made with the premium milk produced at Painterland Farms.

“We told our dad when we turned 18 that we were going to get away for about 10 years because we need to talk to somebody other than our cows and our cousins,” Stephanie Painter says. “But we promised our dad and our grandpa that we were going to come back and bring a new twist to the farm to make it sustainable for generations to come.”

“This American Dairy Farmer” will visit 12 dairy farms in 2022, with several from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Seasons one and two are available here. Other Pennsylvania dairies featured in the first two seasons include farms from Mercer County, Blair County, Lancaster County, Chester County, Franklin County, Berks County and Clinton County.

“This series is an opportunity for consumers to meet and learn about the people who produce the milk for everything from their morning coffee to their children’s school meals,” says John Chrisman, CEO of American Dairy Association North East. “You see the passion that dairy farmers have for taking care of their animals to protecting the environment to leaving a legacy for the next generation.”

New episodes of “This American Dairy Farmer” will continue to air through the summer months on AmericanDairy.com.