Grabbing a drink after a workout to rehydrate and refuel is a no brainer! But what should you choose?

Professional and college athletes choose chocolate milk, because they know the power it has as a refuel and recovery beverage. Research consistently shows that consuming chocolate milk after exercise or sports performance is a great way to replenish the important nutrients our bodies needs for recovery, including:

Carbohydrates Primary source of energy for athletes, helps restore glycogen in muscles after exercise.
Protein High-quality protein after a workout helps support the rebuild and repair process of muscles.
Electrolytes, Vitamins & Minerals Chocolate milk helps replenish the two main electrolytes lost in sweat, sodium and potassium. As well as chloride, magnesium, and calcium.
Fluids Fluid replacement after exercise is critical for proper recovery, the water that chocolate milk provides is vital to refueling.

Carbohydrates, protein, electrolytes, and water – each one of these nutrients plays an important role in recovery. Chocolate milk has all of them.

Meet Team Chocolate Milk

A number of college athletes have joined Team Chocolate Milk to help us get the word out about how great Chocolate Milk is as a sports recovery drink.

See the team members so far below, and check back for more as the team grows!

Syracuse University

Oronde Gadsden III – Football
Stephen Betz – Men’s Soccer
Maliq Brown – Men’s Basketball
Judah Mintz – Men’s Basketball
Alaina Rice – Women’s Basketball
Kyra Wood – Women’s Basketball

Saint Joseph’s University

Erik Reynolds II – Men’s Basketball
Xzayvier Brown – Men’s Basketball
Anthony Finkley – Men’s Basketball
Shawn Simmons II – Men’s Basketball

Penn State University

Jameel Brown – Men’s Basketball
Madison Tramboni – Women’s Field Hockey
Ben Doyle – Men’s Swimming and Diving
Mary Brinker – Women’s Swimming and Diving
Alex Servagno – Men’s Ice Hockey
Lyndie Lobdell – Women’s Ice Hockey
Olivia Dorner – Women’s Tennis
James Onwuka – Men’s Track and Field
Will Fleck – Men’s Gymnastics

Be a Part of Team Chocolate Milk

You can be part of Team Chocolate Milk too!

Just refuel with chocolate milk after your next workout to join the team!

Discover the science behind Sports Nutrition and dairy’s role in muscle recovery.

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