Fuel Up to Play 60 Player Ambassador and Bills player Harrison Phillips is the living embodiment of staying active! We caught up with him to see what he does to stay busy during the off-season and there’s a whole lot of physical activity — and some healthy eating too!

“I spend the majority of my off seasons still training in Buffalo,” Phillips says. His favorite activities include lifting weights, running, yoga, boxing, wrestling, swimming and biking. “Really any activity to burn calories and stay in shape!”

He encourages kids to stay active too. “Get at least 60 minutes of activity in a day — summer is a great time to go outside and play!” says Phillips.

Phillips says that he actually eats healthier during the off-season too.

“During the season, it’s so hard to keep your weight up and hard to find the time to plan healthy meals. Plus sometimes a cookie helps with the stress of the season!” Harrison says.

When he’s not enjoying a delicious fruit smoothie with peanut butter, yogurt and milk, Phillips works with a number of local organizations. Highlights for him include his work with children with developmental differences and special needs and the Children’s Hospital.

One thing that doesn’t change during the off-season? Phillips’ love for chocolate milk.

“I love whole chocolate milk all day, every day.” Phillips says.