We are proud to work with a number of outstanding football players in our work to bring Fuel Up to Play 60 to local schools. Our Steelers player ambassador, Cam Heyward, is a year-round Pittsburgh resident who stays busy with his own charity, The Heyward House during the off season.

“In the spring and summer, I work a lot with my charity,” says Heyward. “We plan our initiatives and events for the fall.”

The Heyward House was started in 2015 and its purpose is to uplift children – through visits to hospitalized kids, taking kids shopping for winter clothes or sending birthday cards and presents to kids who need some extra celebration.

Heyward’s passion for helping children made him an obvious fit for Fuel Up to Play 60.

“During the summer, when you’re at home a lot more, you have to remember to get outside and get moving,” Heyward reminds students often. “Even just a little bit each day makes a difference. Remember to make good decisions that won’t come back to bite you!”

Heyward is sure to make good healthy decisions during the off-season too.

“I try to stay healthy the whole year, but I do get a couple more desserts during the off-season!” he laughs. “During the football season, my favorite food is regular vanilla yogurt. I like it for breakfast or just a quick snack. During the summertime – it’s definitely ice cream.”