Sam Koch, Ravens punter and Fuel Up to Play 60 player ambassador, shares with us how he stays busy during the off-season with workouts, coaching lacrosse and charity work.

“I enjoy mentoring kids on the field along with expressing the importance of school and excellence in the classroom,” explains Koch, who helps coach JV lacrosse at his local high school during the spring season.

Koch, who has four children, believes staying in motion is the best thing for the body. It’s something he’s taught his own kids and others.

“The more you move, the stronger and healthier you become,” he says. “By supplying your body with the proper nutrition, your body is able to optimize your mental and physical qualities.”

Staying active and consistent during the off-season is important for Koch, who works out twice a week with his physical therapists and twice a week doing high intensity workouts with his wife.

“My eating habits during the season are the same as the off-season,” Koch tells us. “To me, a healthy nutrition plan is essential to keep me strong, healthy, flexible and in top shape.”

Koch enjoys milk and yogurt regularly as part of his healthy habits, including a daily smoothie of milk, yogurt, fruit, protein powder, beet powder, creatine, peanut butter and collagen.

“Milk gives me the vitamins to keep my bones and body running strong and the yogurt provides me with sufficient protein and energy. Yogurt is an excellent healthy snack option!” says Koch.

Outside of workouts and coaching, Koch also works with the Gina Warriors Foundation, where he helps organize a charity lacrosse event each year, as well as a charity golf tournament. He also works with Fuel Up to Play 60 to inspire students to eat healthy and get active for 60 minutes a day.