A college student’s lifestyle is extremely busy. And for a student athlete, things can get overwhelming fast. In just one day, a student athlete can go from classes, tutoring and homework to training, recovery and film sessions. And, between all of that, comes the importance of eating for optimal performance.

Most athletes benefit from eating 5-6 times per day, and that’s hard to do if you rely on the school cafeteria or restaurants alone. The dining hall isn’t likely available 24/7, so you will need to keep your own food on hand to maintain the energy required for your sport. You also need protein to maintain your muscle mass. That’s why stocking your dorm room with the right foods, fluids and equipment is key to success.

Click here to view the “Performance Fuel for Your Dorm Room” guide to help you food shop,so you’re ready to fuel properly after training (or anytime hunger hits). 

These food and fluid combinations can be consumed between your trips to the school cafeteria or restaurants. You can also pack them in your backpack to eat between classes when time is tight, or during long classes.