It’s time to say farewell to the current New York State Dairy Ambassador Gabriella Taylor, First Associate Dairy Ambassador Katie Jasmin and Second Associate Dairy Ambassador Annika Donlick. These women did us proud, serving as dairy industry representatives over the past year. Their tenure officially ends on February 21, with the 2023 New York State Dairy Ambassador Competition .


Annika Donlick, State Second Associate Dairy Ambassador
Gabriella Taylor, State Dairy Ambassador
Katie Jasmin, State First Associate Dairy Ambassador

Gabriella Taylor has been part of dairy promotion for a decade, starting out as an ambassador in the Wayne County Dairy Promotion Program when she was 10 years old. As our 2022 New York State Dairy Ambassador, Gabby regularly shares information on how dairy farmers care for their land and animals, while producing milk, through her social media channels on Instagram and Facebook. During National Dairy Month in June, Gabriella participated in American Dairy Association North East’s digital campaign featuring next generation farmers sharing their passion for dairy.

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Katie Jasmin treasures her experience as the 2022 New York State First Associate Dairy Ambassador and the lifelong friends she’s made in Gabriella Taylor and Annika Donlick. “If there is one point I always wanted to get across during my time as top 3, is to simply have fun!,” says Jasmin. “There was not a single time us girls weren’t caught dancing, laughing, drawing pictures during long shows, or taking a funny selfie of two! What we do is so important and monumental to other young voices in the industry, and along with that comes a lot of responsibility.”

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Annika Donlick didn’t grow up on a dairy farm. She learned about the industry through her local 4-H Club and developed a passion for it. In 2022, she earned the title of New York State Second Associate Dairy Ambassador. In that role, she represented dairy farmers at events. She attended three New York State Public High School Athletic Association Championships and a Fuel Up to Play 60 event. “My biggest takeaway from the events I attended this year was how important chocolate milk is to athletes,” says Donlick. She says she saw countless student athletes be genuinely excited about chocolate milk and the benefits it provides after exercising. “With 13 essential nutrients, electrolytes found in milk, carbohydrates to refuel, and protein for building strong muscles, chocolate milk is a win I was proud to share about.”

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