A lot of work goes into making safe, wholesome milk. Ever wonder, what happens on a dairy farm? And how does milk get from the farm to your table?

Providing high quality milk for our tables starts with dairy farmers’ taking good care of their cows. The animals are fed nutritious food, given 24-hour access to fresh water, and get milked 2-3 times a day. It’s a round the clock job!

On a farm tour of Richmond Dairy Farms, John Richmond hosted Buffalo Bills Aaron Williams (#23) and other players.

 1. On the Farm

On the farm, it’s hands off the milk! Milk from cows travels through sterilized equipment into a holding tank, so it’s never touched by human hands. But that doesn’t mean the art of milking by hand has been lost! Watch the Buffalo Bills give it a try during their visit to Richmond Dairy Farms.

 2. Safety Checks

Milk and dairy products undergo numerous food safety, quality and sanitation checks, making them among the most highly regulated and safest foods.

3. On the Road

The trucks that transport the milk are insulated and keep the milk chilled during transportation. Milk gets delivered from dairy farms to grocery stores in just 48 hours. Take a look!

4. At the Store

At the grocery store, save the dairy aisle for the end of your shopping trip. Why buy milk last? So that it stays as cool as possible! Remember: Cold milk tastes Best! Strive for 35!

5. At Home

Once at home, place milk immediately inside or in the back of the fridge, not on the door. Where’s the best placed to store your food?

If you’ve never visited a working dairy farm, you owe it to yourself. Lots of farms offer tours, and welcome the opportunity to share their commitment and passion for dairy farming.